About Us

TeslaTech is an organisation that drives more than profits and is about people, passion and purpose.

Using a holistic approach for each client, TeslaTech considers every opportunity to fulfill our clients’ needs, strategically imparting in-depth knowledge and understanding of the South African renewable energy industry, thereby offering sensible, affordable solutions.

Demonstrating a deep understanding of various industries and a diverse set of clients’ businesses, TeslaTech harnesses creativity and leverages reliable innovation to support the design and implementation of sustainable renewable energy systems for residential and commercial markets.

We believe in collaboration and position our teams at the very onset – from inception, including design, supply, installation and commission, to completion with maintenance in mind. We guide our clients in navigating through the process and aim to promote and protect the business objectives of TeslaTech with highly focused execution of each project aligned to the greater goal of our core values

Business Values

Accuracy, Transparency and Authenticity

Integrity and Open-mindedness

Innovation and Excellence

Passion, Performance and Purpose

Quality and Efficiency

Business Objectives

Products and Services

Improving the value chain around maintenance and repair while reducing the incidence of emergency and consequent repair delays. Established to meet the current extent of short-term capacity, the energy gap as well as the rising cost of electricity. TeslaTech provides clients with renewable energy sources, along with battery and alternative storage technology. Offering load-shed proof solutions with a full range of customisable options.

Energy Effeciency

Making traditional industry more alert to the winds of change, new opportunities and threatening developments and to anticipate these.


Conducting operations efficiently and improving sustainability in the organisation does not have to mean making big, expensive changes to standard operating procedures; by working smarter, sustainability can also be achieved

Leadership Team

Business Development Director

Christopher Barnes

With over 16 years’ entrepreneurial experience, Christopher Barnes, was responsible for the successful development of several businesses including energy-efficient technologies and renewable energy optimisation solutions.
He earned an excellent portfolio of projects to create solutions for the most innovative and forward-thinking customers and has exceptional understanding of the market and strategic dimensions of on-grid, off-grid and hybrid systems.
He brings deep industry and functional expertise to spark change and has built his reputation by supplying only quality products and providing excellent service.